Eco friendly hike in Hungary

It’s inevitable that we have to do something about climate change. Not only reduce, reuse and recycle, but we can actively contribute to protect our planet and take direct action!

Recognizing plants

ECO-SPORT EVENTS in 8 countries

– collecting trash while walking or hiking
– water sports clean-up / using diving, rafting, kayaking
– planting trees event
– learning about nature event / observing animals, plants
– repair café workshop / sport equipment workshop / building birdhouses workshop,
– environmental sport outdoor education programs and games that combine physical movement with environmental learning
– sport event using eco-friendly products or principles,


Learning about the nature, animals, sustainability, climate change together with sport activities using non-formal education methods

Ploggin in Austria / Vienna


 8 countries from different geographical regions, but also diverse background, organized projects and activities. Climate change, pollution and environmental issues are not national issues and have to be tackled on international level.