It’s inevitable that we have to do something about climate change. Not only reduce, reuse and recycle, but we can actively contribute to protect our planet and take direct action. Pollution is enormous problem and lack of recycling is even bigger challenge. 

“Eco-Friendly Sports” project aims to promote sport and physical activities that not only contribute to better health, but also have a positive impact on the environment. Objectives of the project are: 

  • to promote and develop new methods of environmental education through sport,
  • to increase amount of eco-friendly sport events organized,
  • to generate public awareness about possible connection of sport and protection of environment,
  • to foster citizens engagement in sport, but also encourage them to take action towards better environment,
  • to improve knowledge and experience of representatives of sport clubs and youth workers about concept of eco-sport,
  • to provide opportunities in the urban life style to keep people’s physical and mental health and to significantly decrease the stress levels,
  • to build a society who feels close and attached to nature will contribute to using natural resources sustainably and thus building sustainable cities,
  • to contribute to social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged background.

The project started in January 2020 and there were various activities implemented in the 28 months.