We organized 48 local events in all 8 countries and hundreds of people had a chance to participate! 

We ave organized events connected with the flora and fauna, especially birds, bees, butterflies, and several insects’ species. Pushing towards ecosystem conservation, there were implemented events by the oceans, in the forests and in grasslands. And then, to address issues like climate change, pollution, plastic wastes, and overconsumption, we created circular gyms, we did plogging, we hiked and collected trash. 

Some events were simple hike followed by a sensorial experience, with a herbal route when to smell and recognize diverse flowers, herbs and plants in a forest area. The alternative could be to include the taste sense, so as to organize a mushrooming hike followed by a vegetarian barbecue. And for the more peaceful spirits, it has been organizing yoga sessions, one in an urban area and another in the natural one, including yoga on paddle boards, to compare the feeling and impressions that a natural environment can awaken. For the more sporty and handy people, a good hike or climb was followed by a workshop on how to build eco-friendly nests for birds, or on how to do bees wraps, or a long bicycle ride followed by an eco-washing powder workshop. Also, very physical component has outdoor activities like camping to build a rock garden in the grassland, or a walk through the forest, while trying to identify the several species of trees. 

and many others!