The most important outcome of our project are new developed methods and events involving environmental education through sport. Eco-Friendly Sport Program for Youth consists of 24 workshops and events – physical activities combined with non-formal education methods divided into 3 parts: Sport and Physical Activities while learning about nature, ecosystems and biodiversity around us and how to help to its protection. The second part contains of Sport and physical activities while learning about global environmental problems and its solutions. And third part is focused on the activities related to sport, environmental activitism and indinvidual actions.  

We would like to emphasize, that all those activities have been also tested and implemented in 8 countries during 48 events and involved hundreds of people.

The publication is intended for trainers, sport experts, youth workers, educators, facilitators, and youth leaders who would like to promote environmental education through sport and organize Eco-Friendly Sport events and activities in their communities, schools, clubs etc.

SPORT AND NATURE EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR Trainers, Sport Experts and Youth Workers

Sport and Nature Education Program is one of the outputs of the project and aims to improve the knowledge of Trainers, Sport Experts and Youth Workers about the concept of Eco-Friendly Sports. The publication covers many topics that are useful for everyone interested in organizing eco-friendly sports activities in the future. We are aware that sport has made tremendous positive changes at the local as well as global level. However, the sport also has negative impacts on nature and environment, therefore representatives of the sport organisations should attempt to reduce this footprint.

In this publication there are available diverse topics related to the subject, for example: How to organize eco-friendly sport events, How to make existing regular sports activities or sport events more eco-friendly, How to integrate education about the environment and nature into the sport and physical activities, How can sport help nature conservation and many other topics.

In each chapter a theoretical introduction is available followed by the practical part for all those who are interested in organizing workshops about the topic for their colleagues or NGOs representatives.

GOOD PRACTICES COLLECTION: How to combine sport and protection of the environment

We started the project with the analysis and have been exploring diverse activities, events, and non-formal education methods of various sport, environmental and governmental actors that already combine sport and protection of the environment.

The aim has been to analyze, identify and collect good practices, recommendations, and resources about existing programs. The publicaton can serve as an inspiration for the integration of the environmental aspects into the sport. 

In addition, we also conducted a survey among sport and environmental associations, clubs, and other institutions, which have experience with the organization of such events, and gathered advices, recommendations, identified weaknesses or strengths of the events or the methods used. 


Bellow, you can find final report with summary of our project in all partners languages.